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24th of October 2014


There are drops of blood on my face and on my eyeglasses. Techically speaking, today's butchering went faster and without mistakes, so it seems experience has teached me how to do it. But then, on the other hand, it always feels so eerie how they vigorously flap their wings for a long time after the head is cut off... And sometimes sound-producing structures remain - when removing the internal organs there might be an unexpected "squeek!" sound coming from the cut throat. It makes me feel slighlty sick.

At 7 and 8 years old I helped my mother's boyfriend do some slaughtering. Rabbit and chicken. The rabbit got a hammer to the head. One time I didn't hit right.. damn thing made the worse squealing cry sound I ever heard.

He used a plastic garbage back for the chickens. Cut a hole in the corner, put them in the bag with their head through the hole. When the head is cut off the body stays in the bag, blood doesn't get sprayed everywhere etc..


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