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27th of September 2014


Oh, the last house I lived had one of these stoves, it is so useful, as you can cook and keep the house warm at the same time. There's nothing comparable to the smell of burning wood and the heat of a fire in a cold winter night, and the food you cook in a wood-burning stove has a very unique taste (much better than gas stoves in my opinion). Making some coffee by a wood-burning stove is also very nice, as the coffee also ends up with a different taste than the one you make by a common gas stove.

In Finland gas stoves are rare, and the common one is electric. Although some people are still using wood-burning stoves, especially in the countryside. I'm glad to finally have one in my house - exactly for the reasons you mention =)

EDIT: and I guess this is going to lower my electricity bill.

This is exactly the kind of stove I plan on having one day on my own property.


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