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29th of March 2015


Yesterday I was thinking about going to the cinema, to watch Big Game, which is a rare action movie by a finnish director. But I was too lazy to go.

Today I happened to see a good review of that movie, checked the web page of our local cinema, and realized that today is the last scheduled show for Big Game. So, I drove to Vilppula, ate a pizza at the pizzeria, and then drove to the next little town which has the movie theatre.

And yes it was good! Taken with a good attitude - a bit tongue in cheek, just some pretty good rolling action and comic, it all holds together well. I really do recommend it for readers of my blog, especially if you like UrW. It features 13 year finnish boy, saving the life of The President of The United States, by shooting a bad guy - with a bow and a broad head arrow. Need I say more? =)

Samuel L. Jackson in Finnish movie? :D I will watch it because your description.
MM... As I can see it's a new movie and not even in cinemas. I will try to find download for it.

It seems that Big Game is going to be distributed internationally, but maybe not in every country. For future release dates see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2088003/releaseinfo?ref_=tt_ov_inf+

So, I'd guess there will also be a DVD release coming. But yeah - propably the internet has all this stuff as pirateware, don't know =)

,,A young teenager camping in the woods helps rescue the President of the United States when Air Force One is shot down near his campsite.'' Brilliant :D

Yup. The plot has some good twists in it, although for the most parts it is just a plain "pre-teen action movie" true to the genre. Then, there are some pretty awesome scenery (some of it is actually filmed in Swiss Alps; I found the impressive images of mountain areas a nice way to visualize the inner mood of the main characters.) And I always like it when this kind of "easy-to-watch-tongue-in-cheek-not-too-serious" action movie is packed with some clever points which carry philosophical, political or emotional significance.


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