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30th of April 2014

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This lamb is two days old, and largerly neglected by his mother. So I'm not only holding the ewe making sure that the lamb gets to suck milk - I'm also bottlefeeding him with ordinary infant formula for human babies.

(Yesteraday I took some pictures with my mobile phone camera, in the size of 320*240. And then I forgot to reset the settings, to that's why this picture comes also in this smaller size.)

Why not just milk it's mother and then feed it that milk?

I did that on the first day. But milking an animal is not an easy task if the animal is not willing to co-operate. I need one hand to hold a container, another hand to do the actual milking, both of my legs to hold the ewe and then it would still be useful to have a third hand to keep the ewe from kicking the container...


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