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30th of March 2015


Congrats on 365th image! It's nice to see pieces from your interesting life.
So thank you for entertaining us with these images for one year :)

Some funny(?) trivia:

This road takes to a place where my grandmother lived, so I've been travelling this route pretty much all of my life. It is a dirt road, with some steep up- and downhills, and a curve afer another. No wonder it was often used as a special route in a national rally driving competition. Well, personally I'm not a fan of motor sports, but I can kind of a see how this road really tests the skills of any driver. A mobile phone camera doesn't capture the scenery very well, but for example here we have a downhill, instantly followed with a sharp turn to right. Too much speed and the turn sends your car sliding out of control into the forest. (Tried that once, barely managed to regain control after a quick 540 degrees spin).

There is an old story explaining why the road has so many steep curves instead of going directly from place A to B. The road was built when Finland was under rule of King of Sweden. And the King ordered that the road has to be built, tasking each house to build a certain length of a road. Well, the peasants talked about this, and they thought that if they build a serpentine road, they can get the required length covered in between each house =)

(Realistically speaking, the local terrain is a mosaiq of hills, ponds, swamps, and forests with big boulders. I think that building with traditional tools they just couldn't go in a straight line, but they had to find a passable route, up that hillside and down that slope, avoiding that boulder, not crossing that stream etc.)

Now my dad lives there, near the place where my grandmother used to live. Once a month I drive there (it is about one hour to get there), and have a full day of customers for massage.

PS. There is an older picture from this same road, about one kilometre about after;



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