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31st of March 2015


So, it has been a full year of daily pictures. I think I need a little break, and later on there might be another series of pictures with new ideas and new themes. Very likely any of those new series won't run a year long, but will be shorter and more focused. We will see =) Also, for this spring and summer I try to come up with a new blog entry more often.

Thanks for all the comments and likes!

Thank you for this inspirational blog, and for sharing a little of your life (and these wonderful landscapes – I feel closer to Finland through your photos and blog) :) When I'm tired or bored of my everyday life I come here to remember myself of my real objectives towards life. I'm building a personal website for showing my stuff and working in creative projects (its what I real love) so I can try becoming a freelancer and free myself from my full time job that I don't like very much, and live in a place closer to nature. This blog remembers me to keep up, it is very motivational, thank you =)

It's always nice to hear that my blog has been inspirational for others. Thanks!

Also, I'm glad to hear you building your personal website - I hope it eventually helps you with making your dreams come true.

I agree.
You are a good guy and an inspiration. It's been always nice to wait everyday on photo from your interesting life. You showed me some good music as well. I wrote it here a long time ago, but you've changed my life a bit. So thank you again and thanks for this blog and your great responses(love reading them) :)

Do you have some ideas on what'll be the new thing on your blog?

Ah, all the music links - nice that you people have liked them!

The blog will go on as usual, combination of diary-like entries, philosophical ponderings and fictional stories =)

For pictures I've some ideas. For example, the next time I go visit Sami, I could take a lot of photos and then post them as "in the making of UrW"-series. Things like that, don't know yet for sure.

And, yes, this is the way human interaction could work. I mean, I have no intention on changing anyones life in any way; I just try to write and to respond the way I am and the way I feel - I see this as a honest exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences. But then it is that exhange which might have a positive side-effect of making life better for every participant. So it has been for me, too. Some posts and some replies have had a therapeutical effect on me, helping me to get over some stumbling blocks, making me feel more free to be myself =)

I liked zrní and vesa-matti loiri(I have them from you) but others are cool too.

I remember how I wrote many stupid questions and things like that under your photos (my english was horrible and I was really.. different) it had to be annoying :P

I really wanted to live like you. And I still want :P

I've been thinking about writing a blog entry (or two) about different modes of discussion and interaction. But, for example, with your comments and questions - let's just say that in my life I've seen far more worse stuff, and a lot of it. After surviving all that little things don't make me easily annoyed - it takes pretty much to make me upset or angry. Also, I've had a feeling that it would make your personal life bit easier the more you learn to show patience, to listen to others and to find positive ways of communicating. But telling that to you woulnd't have been very helpfull, so better just show example.

,,The more you learn to show patience, to listen to others and to find positive ways of communicating''

I love this on you and I am trying to be like you in this. But I think it will take some years to master
(2 or 3) because it will be a total change of my writing and thinking style.

I think that is a good attitude for you! I mean, to me it seems that sometimes people want their lives to change quickly, and then when things take time, people get disapointed and abandon their projects. Yes sometimes a dramatical change can occur suddenly, but otherwise it is all just a slow process of learning.

Congratulations on the whole year of pictures!

And the music - I've always liked the music you add to your photos and posts. Talking about it, have you ever heard of a band called Ominia? Here's one of their songs, they have a very "shamanistic" style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sckSDBQTcg

Wow that is nice. What is that instrument playing on the start? Is it kantele?

The first instrument on top of the drums is jaw harp, also called Jew's harp or mouth harp. This small instrument has been widely used in many cultures around the world.

I first head these lyrics performed by Tellu Turkka and Suden Aika, back in the 1996. But I'm not entirely sure if the lyrics were written for that project, or are directly from folk tradition. Anyhow, the verse is written in old format of Finnish shamanistic rune singing.

I think I had been listening to a couple of tracks by Omnia, but I really had no idea that they've done a version of "Auta luonto" - thanks for sharing!

And speaking of Kantele - this is how Finnish schoolkids rock it:

EDIT: That Omnia song reminded me of another song - but since I couldn't remember the name of the band nor the name of the song, it took me a while to find it. But here it is; Faun singing an old finnish folk verse - reading the lyrics it seems like a hunter's ritual, addressing the King of the Forest, asking for good luck in hunting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w47NaA1rgFM

Ah, and another group definitely worth mentioning is Myllärit - they are from Russian Carelia, and here is their version of ancient Finnish "Greeting the King of The Forest":


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