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5th of September 2014


Nice!! For some months I have been learning about mushrooms identification. I'm waiting for my second book from amazon (in bookshops from Portugal, sadly one can't find a good one). I love them! The taste, the smell, the colours and all their randomness growing and hunting them. I can identify only a few yet, but each new one I learn is a great joy. These ones seem from the Boletus type (have not tasted one yet, hope to find an edible one this autumn). Have a nice feast :)

PS: only now I found the Picture of the Day section of your blog! Nice.

Yes, these are boletus - there were plenty of them this autumn, but now the season is already over.

In case you didn't notice, in most browsers, if you move mouse cursor on top of the picture, it will give you a short description of the picture.

Have fun browsing the "picture of the day"-section. As you might have realized, you can use "older" and "newer" links. And the gallery link right under the picture will give you an index view.

Ahh, didn't noticed the hover description and the mushroom names already there! Thanks for the tip :)

In here autumn and mushroom season has hardly started (from late September till December - but climate is a little strange and random this year). Till now only found Russulas (Shrimp Mushroom), and a friend found the Parasol Mushroom (we made a feast with them). I'll try to hunt some boletus too, if I harvest half what you got I’m an happy man :)

I wish you good luck with finding mushroom!


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