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6th of February 2015


After a refreshing and inspiring weekend this week has been somewhat low on energies. Monday and Tuesday were pretty full days of work, and I didn't get enough sleep. Wednesday I took it easy, hoping to recover - and it was a good day in that sense. Only that I didn't get anything special done, I just needed a full day of idle rest. On Thursday I had only four customers, but after that I felt like zombie. And Friday morning I woke up feeling lousy and unispired. I realized I had lost my regular rhythm of programming for UrW, I had again planned bad working hours for myself, spiralling down in a cycle of "work too much - be a zombie - sleep - get back to normal - work too much ... repeat until you feel frustrated because of spending too little time doing things you love".

So, there I was, again. I was thinking about different things to be done, but felt no inspiration. Then it came to my mind that in December my friend linked an interesting article in facebook, and then I said I'll read it one of the coming days soon... So, okay, maybe today is the day. I opened my tablet, browsed the facebook to find that link, and opened the article. http://prce.hu/w/preprints/naturalism-final.pdf

Clearly, this essay is for an academic audience, and I could barely follow the line of thought. But it was interesting, and helped me clarify some of my own thoughts. After reading couple of pages I was thinking "heck, this pdf viewer doesn't tell me how many pages there are left - should I read it all in one go, or should I first go do some practical stuff and continue reading only after that?" But then I just told myself to relax. Forget that to-do list, and enjoy this peaceful moment of reading philosophy. And I did.

Also, it did the trick. After reading the article I felt back to life, inspired and ready for practical work. (Yup, I was thinking about writing a proper blog entry about all this, but somehow it felt easier to just drop a comment on this picture.)


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