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8th of May 2014

late evening beer
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I haven't been heating up my house for several days, as I haven't spent that much time indoors. Today in the morning I prepared a plot of soil in my garden and left to work. I had seven customers for massage, and returned back at home at about half past nine in the evening. Indoors temperature is 11 decrees celcius. Well, instead of starting a fire I just turn up the volume and enjoy an evening beer.


Hej this song is good :D Děkuji :D

The song dates back to 1980. It is about a drifter / vagabond who is not chained to anything - he is free to come and go. The only thing which is a must for him is an evening beer =).

This group is part of my vague childhood memories. It was summer and we were walking down a dirt road. The older kids were talking about a song "Rappiolla", which had raised some fuss with controversial lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPy2zlvesm4

Later on, the lead guitarist and singer, Ismo Alanko, had a band called "Sielun Veljet". They were specially known for their energetic and shamanistic live performances. I never went to see them, but even listening to studio versions helped me to realize that old rituals and shamanistic experiences aren't just something told in the books of folkloristics. The same phenomenons just get transformed and reborn in modern culture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0wAPmwM9gI


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