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January moon

Last year I felt that most of the time I'm working bit too much. I thought that New Year holiday season would be a good time to reflect on my working schedule. It was clear to me that I need to make some adjustments and to change something in the way I make reservations for customers. Should I try to organize my week so that I would have three days of massage, two days of programming, and two days for homesteading? Or, would it suit me better to work for three weeks a month, and have every fourth week off for doing things of my own? Or some combination of these two? Or should I just keep on doing as many customers as I barely can, so that I could rapidly save some money and then have three months of summer holiday? And, in any case, the decision is up to me, and if I don't make my mind clear about this, it will mean that I'll just keep on working too much and growing tired...

Well, at some point around New Year I realized that I'd like to pay more attention to natural rhythm. So I took my calendar for year 2014 and every month marked three days around full moon for "limited working days". My idea is that if I have only couple of hours of work for each day, I will have more freedom to enjoy the full moon. It is easier to spend time outdoors late in the night, when I know that I don't have to wake up early the next morning. And still if I allow myself to do two customers each of these three days, it helps me to keep my regular customers served. Sounds like a practical way to combine both working for money and having freedom to enjoy nature.

Now it is January full moon. Tuesday evening late I went for a walk together with the horses. I thought that in the night time I can pretty much count on that no-one else will be using the roads and trails we take. So I felt I can safely let Velmu go loose. I mounted Raiku and so we went riding up and down a small road in the woods. It was very nice and inspiring to see and to feel how Raiku enjoyed walking - previously she has been bit unwilling and slowish, but now there was more life and energy in her movement. And she had absolutely no problem with carrying me - somehow I always thought that training a horse would be a complicated task, requiring a lot of systematic work. But now I feel that we have established the basics with just doing things slowly and intuitively.

Wednesday evening turned already to midnight as we left for an another ride. This time we picked a smaller forest trail. Sky was clear and the moon was nearly full. In the forest the light was bit dim. Every now and then crossed a small clearing, and in such places unobscured moonlight made frost on the trees to shine and to glimmer. We spent about an hour wandering in the woods, and so many times I allowed the horses to stop for eat dry hay they found. Those were good moments for me to concentrate on my own posture - where is my balance, am I upright or leaning backwards, is my back stiff or do I allow my pelvis to freely follow the movement of the horse? How do I breathe, are my shoulders tense or relaxed?

So, it has been a good start for this year.

Ah, and my mobile phone camera didn't capture the moonlight so well... But here we have a silhouette of Raiku's head against the snowy road.

Moonlight ride
Moonlight ride
Moonlight ride
Moonlight ride
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we need to buy you a camera!

wish i was up in the snow with horses.

Well, actually I do have a Canon system camera with three different lenses, one of which might be well suited for night-time photography. If I remember correctly =) It is that the camera is not digital but a film one. I had nearly forgotten the camera stored in an outdoor shed for several years... Shortly after writing this entry I suddenly felt that I'll go find that camera. I think I could try it, and then just use a scanner. And / or I could visit a camera store and ask if my lenses are still compatible with modern digital cameras. Let's see =)


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