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Is there a problem with the rss feed? I'm using Firefox Live Bookmark, and for a week or so it has been complaining "live bookmark failed to load". And I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with it. Viewing the page source of erkkasblog/rss.xml seems fine to me. It used to work, and I haven't changed anything - so, my best guess is that after updating Firefox it somehow doesn't like the xml file my blog software generates. And I haven't quite had the inspiration to look deeper into this issue. So therefore I ask you, the readers, if it works fine with you, or if you have any ideas what might be wrong.

Also, there is another question I've wanted to ask for quite a some time. As, behind the scenes nearly all of my blog posts are tagged with keywords like "philosophy", "diary", "horses" etc. But at the moment these tags are hidden. For user interface, I've been thinking to add "sort" options to the blog entry listing on the left. So that you could choose sort criteria to display a list of blog posts "tagged humorous, sorted by popularity" or "tagged philosophy, sorted by date". And the question is: what would be a desired set of tags? What are the topics you readers are interested in? What kind of filters would you like to have, to make it easier to navigate the mass of older posts? It would be great to hear your suggestions, both for the meaning and the exact wording of interesting tags. Like, I have a tag "self-sufficiency" but I'm not very satisfied with that; maybe those posts are more about "homesteading"?

I'd guess the tags would fall into different levels of generalization. For example, if I'd have tags like "horses" and "sheep", they both would also be tagged under "animals". Or, every post tagged as "homesteading" could be further tagged as sub-tags like "gardening", "house renovation", "fishing" and so on?

I know that I'm terrible slow to work on this kind of technical details. I aim to have this tagging and sorting system working before the turn of the year. So, if you have any suggestions for useful tags, or any other improvements, I'd like to hear your opinion - I'll then take the time trying to get some improvements done.

hey, thanks for reading!
hey, thanks for reading!
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Hey, thanks! So, now I know there is one line with a problem with it. Next I need to figure out what exactly is wrong with that line.

EDIT: Pretty soon it started to look like the xml file is missing one namespace definition. But it took me couple of hours to figure out how to add it. And when I finally found the correct place in the code, it was in the most obvious folder in the most obviously named file =)

I like the tags idea. I think maybe I will try to implement that on mine, too. :D

In YouTube you have already sorted your videos under playlists - so something like that on your blog site too? I've been thinkin about a drop-down menu, which would display all the different categories / tags, default being "all" as it now is =)

I use Tinyrss to follow your blog. It notified me that you made a post, so it works on my end. Concerning the tags, I read most of your blog posts, but I kinda enjoy walking into a new blog entry without an idea where it might go.

OK! Some rss readers are more strict regarding the formatting. Well, but it seems that I got it fixed, as Firefox isn't complaining anymore.

Yup, I think tags would be helpful for newcomers, who might be interested in reading some of the older posts but find it clumsy to browse back the title list. Like, some of the older posts are steadily accumulating "likes", so maybe I have to believe that there are real people reading out there =)


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