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Nerd camp

The apple tree has just started to blossom, and it has been warm sunny days. My son and Sami are here at my place. For the past couple of days we have had kind of a nerd summer camp.

My son is doing a work experience period for his studies. He is working for the milling company, and some of his projects overlap with what I've been developing for the same company. So, there are database and user interface -related stuff we discuss, plan and coordinate together to keep things flowing smoothly both for the users and for us developers. Most of the work my son can do at his home, but at the moment there is some hardware which needs to be installed at the mill. So, our days have begun with early breakfast together, then my son leaves for work at the mill, and Sami and me have been doing various urw-related brainstorming combined with homesteading chores like chopping firewood etc. In the evening when my son is back from work, we eat together, discuss the day and work, and do some coding or related stuff. Yesterday it was sauna and the garden bathtub.

All in all, for me days like these are very refreshing and inspiring.

Having dinner under the oak
Having dinner under the oak
Nerd camp
Nerd camp
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Cheers! I was just having an afternoon beer and checking all the websites, and thought I'd say hi. :)

Thanks, and thumbs up! I just came back home after a three day trip to Helsinki, and I've been thinking about writing a fresh diary entry, but somehow my thoughts refuse to settle into coherent sentences =) Well, maybe I'll try anyhow...


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