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New Year 2021

Hey everyone, all of my best wishes for this year!

For this year I will again be running the Picture of the Day -thing. You can follow the daily picture either by clicking "Pictures" at the main menu, or directly visiting link http://www.enormouselk.com/?q=pictures/picture-day/latest.

And for this January we have a small home-made crowdfunding campaign for my new game project called Ancient Savo. The purpose of the campaign is to assemble a crew of dedicated development-phase test players. And to boost the development speed, for any amount of donations help me to spend less time working for money, allowing me to spend more time coding. Anyhow, the project is under way. And if you prefer just to follow the progress, consider joining the project Discord server. Here is an invitation link: discord.gg/CsbDEab3Dt.

In other news: it seems like the winter is finally arriving here. Some six or seven weeks later than it used to do 35 years ago when I was a kid. Oh well.

This is all for today. Be well, everyone!

A fresh new year with fresh new snow!
A fresh new year with fresh new snow!
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