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October pictures

Last sunday I had two customers for massage. While driving to them I decided to just take some pictures of the day, and then post them for the blog with a short story. But in the evening I forgot to resize and post the pictures. So here we go:

The first picture is on my way to meet a customer. It was something like 20 km to drive there, but the route was nice and I had no hurry.

When I got back at home I was amused to see that the roosters had decided to rest in the shelter of the dog. As the dog only goes there when it is raining heavily, otherwise she prefers to lie down near the entrance road. It is nice to see how animals make their own decisions when they are allowed to roam free at the yard. I guess that the dog prefers this roadside place because from there she can control the whole yard - just raising her head she can check if anybody is approaching from the road, and looking to different directions she can see almost all the cornerds of the yard, to detect any possible wild animal entering the yard. The roosters have their own shelter behind a barn, and they go there to sleep for the night. But for their afternoon rest they pick other places in the yard, either seeking cover under fir saplings or enjoying the comfort of the dry straw in the dog's shelter.

Ah, and it is October, with all the colors in the trees.

country roads
country roads
the roosters resting in the dog's shelter
the roosters resting in the dog's shelter
The dog resting next to the entrance road
The dog resting next to the entrance road
Autumn trees
Autumn trees
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