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Panels for interior walls

Since my previous post I've been more or less immersed into the renovation project. There weren't major difficulties, just some slower tasks. First I installed vertical boards. As the old log wall is slightly curved and tilted, it took some time to get all the boards aligned well enough so that they will form a straight support structure for the panels. Then it was time for flax insulation. It comes in a two inch thick sheet. I like the aroma of flax fibre wool, it's almost sweet and reminds me of all the scents of the harvest season. And then the panels - I chose tongue and groove spruce panels, for they make them in the nearby sawmill. (I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again; it is such a pleasure to have a small local sawmill just a few kilometres away. They borrow a trailer for thei customers, so it is rather easy just to drop by to buy a small load of timber.)

Tongue and groove is easy to install, but it took some time to get the cords and wires through the wall. I had to remove the land-line phone cable (the internet, that is - I don't have a landline phone any more, but the same copper cable delivers the broandband connection to my house), and also the temporary extension cord for electiricity. Once I got a few panels installed I drilled a hole for the phone cable, and two for electric cords. And re-installed the temporary extension cord, until a trained electricial will have time to make proper connections for my electric cables. When I rebuilt the main room floor I took special care to get it horizontally straight. And as the vertical wall panels start right above the floor, the wall panels are horizontally straight as well. But the rest of the house is not, the ceiling is tilted. So the uppermost wall panel doesn't meet the ceiling in an even straight line. I had to take measurements and cut the last pieces so that their upper side became adequately tilted to meet the ceiling.

At the moment all the electiricity is still branched from a single extension cord, so I don't have any more radiators than I had before. Nevertheless, I can already notice how the extra layer of insulation on two walls has made the house a bit warmer. I believe just adding one more electric radiator will help to keep the indoor temperature comfortable even on the coldest winter weeks. Of course, heating with electricity costs money and I'd rather use firewood as much as possible, thus reducing the amount of money I need to run the household. But electric radiators are a quick and easy solution until I get to build or to install a new fireplace.

Now the panelling is installed. It is already past midnight, and the main room floor is all messy with sawdust and splinters of wood. I'll tidy it up tomorrow, I think, for I'm getting sleepy. Once again, the whole project kept me working long days, as I also kept on working for money. Luckily enought, there was also a musical boost, but not a live gig. So let me tell the story; it was last Tuesday, about 10.30am, and I was just about to leave for day's work when I saw a car driving to my yard. It was a small white van. As I went outdoors I saw someone getting out of the car, a man wearing a blue uniform. Ah, Mr. Postman! (Usually in my corner of the countryside the mail gets delivered at 3 pm or so, and my mailbox is next to the village road, so it is an exception to get the mail delivered straight to the doorsteps). The postman said "You have an express delivery. From America." I thanked the postman and signed a receipt. Then I had to leave for work, and it was late evening when I get to examine the delivery. It was Beaux Cheveaux album RO SHAM BO" on a blue vinyl. Dream-like pop tingling your imagination, like this. The LP cover was hand-signed with greetings from Adrian and Clementine. Listening to their album has given me extra energy to carry on working long days, and maintaining this inner tranquil feeling of 'things will work out'.

A roll of flax insulation waiting to be installed
A roll of flax insulation waiting to be installed
Installing the panels
Installing the panels
Taking measurements for the uppermost pieces
Taking measurements for the uppermost pieces
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