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Rolling in the snow

Yesterday evening I went to my local movie theatre to see Tarantino's Django Unchained. It is about 20 kilometres to the town where the theatre is - so I can easily combine living next to a forest and going to movies. There were ten people watching the film, myself included. From that small audience I knew two persons. It was almost like having the whole theatre for a bunch of friends. And the movie was good, very good in my opinion.

After the movie was over it was already late evening. And the weather had gone rough, it was strong wind with heavy snowfall, almost a blizzard. When I was driving back home there was couple of heavy trucks on the road - and as they drove by they left a lot of snow whirling in the air, so that for a moment I couldn't see the road. I felt like Django riding through smoke...

Today it is sunday, I was working for about four hours. After that I felt somewhat tired. I took a peaceful walk together with my horses - this time I was not riding, just walking together with those magnifient creatures. Every now and then we stopped for a while, the horses chewing tree branches while I was looking at animal tracks on the fresh snow.

I heated up my sauna. And while relaxing in the heat it came to my mind that yes, there is a layer of fresh, soft snow covering my yard. So, all naked I went out, and rolled all over in the snow. For a short moment I was lying on my back, feeling the snow under me, and watching the stars above me. Breathing deep - after all, I'm nothing but a part of nature's fabric. It never ceases to amaze me how the light travels all the way from the faraway stars, rays of light touch the sensible cells of my eyes, allowing me to see the stars. So, actually, over the distance it is the stars touching me. That gives some kind of perspective to all the fuzz and hum of modern world... And then I had to make a quick escape back into the warmth of the sauna.

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