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September pictures

It is autumn, the harvest time. At the moment of writing this I've an apple dessert simmering in the oven (Sliced apples, sugar, butter, oats and a little of cardamon; mix everything, bake in oven until ready.) Smells like the dessert will be ready soon.

Similarly, I have a vague feeling that some thoughts (for a proper blog post, or two) are simmering in my mind, but that they'll need some more time until they get ready to be written out. That "some more time" is probably going to be several weeks. So, in the meantime here are some pictures =)

having a bath
having a bath
archery practice
archery practice
a night at the nearby islet
a night at the nearby islet
cooking morning coffee at the islet
cooking morning coffee at the islet
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Thank you for the great pictures!
The first (bathtub) picture instantly reminded me of the first scene in Witcher 3 hehe :)


- Spacehamster (Steam)

Hehe! I've never played Witcher series, so thanks for the link!

I don't know if it is elsewhere too, but in Finland that kind of round bathtubs have become popular in recent years. They come combined with a wood-burning stove to heat the water, and people have them on their yard. A commercial version costs about 2000 €, but I built mine for free =)

Erkka you would love the Witcher series of games. In some ways you remind me of the main character, Geralt.

Oh Erkka! So much freedom. You know how to live! Greetings from your Brazilian friends ;)

Hello! Hehe, I've been lucky =) When I was young I was under the impression that to gain freedom in this modern world one first needs to be filthy rich to buy freedom. But with some creativity and with a lot of luck I've happened to find ways to maintain a low-cost low-income way of living. And that is the way I like it =)

I agree! We will get there one day too. Thats my dream: simple and happy life = freedom! Not that hard after all!


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