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Simple things

Yesterday I had one customer who lives in a special care unit for physically and mentally disabled people. When I was leaving, one of the nurses working there came to make a reservation for herself too. I took my calendar and we found a time for her. It is several years since I last visited her home, so I asked for the exact location. She also said that they have dog, asking if I'm allergic to dogs. "No", I replied, "I have a dog at home, too. Oh, wait, but how do I know? Maybe I've been allergic to dogs all these years, and all of my different symptoms are because of that." The nurse understood my joking, she looked me deep into my eyes, placed her hand on my shoulder and said with a soft voice: "Oh dear, I believe that your symptoms are because of something else..."

Well, maybe my sense of humour is bit odd, but it is small simple things like that which make me amused. After I was done with the days work I returned home at after ten pm. I played a vinyl LP of an artist called Tuomari Nurmio, mixed a little of Finnish vodka with berry juice, and soon found myself dancing on the table.

Today in the morning I was drinking my morning coffee, updating UrW entry at IndiDB and listening to Mariska & Pahat Sudet. Behind the window I saw both of my horses, looking back at me. For this winter I have fenced an U-shaped area for them, and one of the corners lies near the living room window. I so do like this atmosphere of living with my animals - it feels that they are actively communicating with me, maintaining our relationship. I went outdoors to feed all the animals. For the horses I have an old big kettle - it is intended for heating up washing water in a sauna - as it is handy for keeping their drinking water free of ice in the winter temperatures. I lit a fire under the kettle, and for a moment I paused to enjoy how layers of smoke danced in the radiance of the morning sun. Yes, it might save a lot of work to use an electrically heated water automat for the horses, but I prefer this more traditional way. Hauling water with buckets is good, small daily exercise. And the scent of smoke in the fresh winter air always makes me delighted.

I don't have an indoor WC, but a dry toilet outdoors. Even a mundane thing like going to toilet is different every morning, offering me a peaceful moment of just observing the scenery. Watching those thin layers of smoke dancing away from the water kettle, seeing the frost on the treetops glimmering in the sunlight, listening to the crows calling in the woods.

a big kettle of water for the horses to drink
a big kettle of water for the horses to drink
smoke in the morning sun
smoke in the morning sun
to dance in the radiance
to dance in the radiance
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Wow, that sounds like a great way of living! I guess someone would just need a bit of courage, to turn away from city life. I really like the way you write about your animals- most people just
seem to have them for fun or even profit. Greetings from Germany!

Thanks for the feedback =) In Finland many people live in a city but visit countryside in the summer vacation season - I have kind of the opposite; I enjoy my daily life in the countryside, and only visit a city for special activities like cultural events etc.

I really can't remember why, but when I was a little kid I was aware of environmental issues - I was worried about pollution and over-usage of natural resources. As far as I can remember, one of the central questions of my life has been human - nature relationship. Living together with animals makes it all so much more real. Well, and it is always nice to hear that people enjoy reading my ponderings =) Hmm, actually most of the blog posts are tagged with key-words like "animals" "philosophy" "humour" etc - but I've been too lazy to implement any kind of sorting functionality to make it easier to seek blog post with these tags. I hope I'll get that done this summer...


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