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Site updates

As you might notice, there are some site updates. I'm not yet completely satisfied with the site layout, styling and functionality. But at least it is now a little bit better than it was for years. Here is a summary of improvements:

RSS feeds

At the moment there are four RSS feeds to choose from. One is the good old feed listing recent blog titles, you can subscribe to that feed clicking the rss icon on the top-right corner of the 'blog entries' menu box. Another feed gives the recent comments pretty much the same way as the 'recent comments' box does. Again, there's the feed icon in the top-right corner of the said 'recent comments' box. Then, browsing down the left sidebar, there is 'follow us' box, which includes links to two more feeds. These feeds include blog posts, new videos and new pictures - either mere titles as links, or full content. At the moment of writing this there isn't the rss icon next to the links in the 'follow us' box, but I'll try to plant the icons there in the near future. Also, due to technical problems, the comments are only in the separate comment feed. When I have enough time and energy, I'll try to code a feed which will list all the recent activity, be it a new picture or a new user-posted comment. I think that is doable, but I can't say when I will have time to do that. But what is rather easy to configure is the amount of items listed in each feed. If you have feedback or suggestions recarding the RSS feeds, feel free to drop a comment.

The Elk News

Due to earlier user feedback, the newsletter is revived. To be honest, I had partially forgot about it, and didn't think that anyone would want to get an e-mail notification of content on Enormous Elk site. Well, but since the newsletter is there, why not use it? So from now on I will post a newsletter when there is a new blog entry, a new picture album, a new video, a new piece of music, or some other interesting new content posted on the site. I won't be posting a newsletter of new Picture of The Day being posted, as that happens on daily basis and I don't want to spam people with daily emails. You can un/subscribe to the newsletter without creating an user account - just fill your email in the subscription form in the 'follow us' box. If you've already subscribed, re-entering your e-mail will unsubscribe. And if you have an user account, you can manage your newsletter subscription also on the "my account"-page.

Videos updated

There's a separate section for music and videos. Clicking 'videos' on the main menu will take you to the front page of videos, which lists what ever of our videos we have hand-picked. As usual, the menu box to the left lists all the videos / pieces of music, depending on which section you are browsing. There were a lot of videos which had been posted only on Youtube but not on the Enormous Elk site. I updated them here, and they naturally are to be found in the youtube also.

Layout re-organized

For a long time I've felt uneasy about the messiness of the site layout. But I haven't had a clear idea how to organize things better. Now I relocated the search box to the left sidebar, added an experimental section banner for the blog, and made some other minor fine-tunings here and there. Working with the positioning and styling took more time than I had thought, and I didn't have time to test with different browsers. So if something is broken on your browser, send feedback and I'll try to fix things as soon as possible. And if you have suggestions on how to further polish the site layout, any feedback is welcome.

To do

Music section still needs a bit more attention. I'd like to update the About -page. User log in / register displays are still messy, they need to be improved. Same goes for 'my account' -page. And in case I forgot to mention something which is ugly, dysfunctional or messy, feel free to remind me.

Thanks for all the patience, thanks for all the comments and feedback, thanks for everyone who is just silently reading without commenting =)

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