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Sixth year of blogging

It is six years since my first blog post. Nowadays I might not be posting as frequently as I did in the earlier years. But I have had no thought about quitting - no, on the contrary writing the blog has become a habit. So, more or less frequent blog posts are going to continue =)

Also, I think I'll be doing the daily picture thing for the year 2019.

Well, but for today just a short diary-like entry. I remember working long days and full weeks until the Winter Solstice. Then a group of friends came for a visit, and they brought loads of food and a warm sense of a peace. They gave me a set of high-quality kitchen knives as a present. I like everyday items - from now on a simple chore of cutting vegetables will always make me remember the warmth, love and care of my friends.

So, it has been some peaceful days. I think the essential gets summed in this small memory; It was an unhurried evening. The room was cozily warmed by a fire burning in the stove. There was a LP playing on the turntable. A friend was reading a Corto Maltese album, I sat on the sofa slowly sipping some red wine. I thought to myself that this is pretty much the kind of life I've wanted to live.

Lake Paloselkä today
Lake Paloselkä today
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Thanks for the update.

Hey there Erkka! I've always liked following your picture of the day series when you did it, it's fun to see some of your day-to-day routine, and how it differs from mine, so I'm looking forward to next years'! =)

So happy for you my friend, hope one time to have such a life myself.

Hello, and thanks for the comments!

As always, I wish my writings inspire others to keep on believing in their dreams =)

Right now I'm immersed into making a Raspberry Pi to live-stream video to a web-page. It's been an interesting project, and an opportunity to learn new things. I don't know, but maybe I could write a few lines about the process, once I get it working.

I love those simple memories. Your blog a real joy to read, so I'm so happy to hear it will continue! All the best wishes for 2019! And I look forward to the next time we speak.


I have a feeling that speaking with you is going to make my 2019 a lot better than it would otherwise be =)


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