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Slow food

Pumpkins, they grow so big and make a lot of food to eat. I have been using them for soups and stews. Three or four years ago I got some nice pumpkin recipes from a Scottish friend. And today I decided to try the most interesting of the recipes; Stuffed Pumpkin!

I took one round pumpkin, which wasn't yet all too big. I cut it open and scooped out the inside flesh, leaving about two centimetres thick shell. For a stuffing I fried minced meat, garlic, onions, and carrots cut into thin slices. I mixed them with smashed tomatoes, cut apples and bell peppers. Salt, curry, vinegar and sugar went for spices. I filled the pumpkin with the mixture, and put it into an oven with temperature of 175 °C.

While the stuffed pumpkin was in the oven, I cut open a small pumpkin about the size of my fist. I carved the halves empty, turning them into candle shades. A week ago I already made a lantern out of a bigger pumpkin, decorating it with small naivistic images. So I went outdoors, lit a fire under my bathtub and placed the lanterns. An oil lamp hanging from an apple tree, the pumpkin lantern standing on a small wooden bench, and the small pumpkin halves floating in the water in the tub.

After about an hour the stuffed pumpkin was ready. And sure did it taste good, so good! Years back when I was far more depressed I didn't feel like using this much time for making food for myself. But nowadays I enjoy cooking and eating, be it alone or together with friends. Hmmm, maybe I should really invite some friends to come eat with me, as there is so much of the stuffed pumpkin still left. And also, when I scooped it hollow, I kept the flesh and seeds and put them into the fridge. So, for the coming days it will be more of pumpkin dishes, I guess.

When I had enjoyed my late evening meal, it was already dark outdoors. I took a portable cd-player and placed it near the bathtub. Listening to good music I spent over an hour relaxing in the hot bath, watching the stars and the lanterns.

stuffed pumpkin!
stuffed pumpkin!
candles floating in my outdoor bathtub.
candles floating in my outdoor bathtub.
fires in the dark
fires in the dark
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Erkka, if you like sweet foods you should try baking a pumpkin pie. They're delicious.

Actually, most of the time I don't feel like eating sweet stuff. But sometimes I do, especially if I have friends visiting. So maybe I could try a pumpkin pie one of these days =)

The carved pumpkin is beautiful. I like the silhouette of wolf and stars.
Please keep posting more! I am always looking forward to new posts in your blog and most likely I am not the only one :)

Thanks! And yes, I will keep on posting =)


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