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Yesterday another of my sheep gave birth to three lambs. Everything went well, and she is actively taking care of all the little ones.

Today there were five youngish common breams in my fish-trap. While I was cleaning the breams I heard pikes splashing here and there. So I pushed my boat in water and paddled towards the sounds. Soon I spotted some movement in the foliage. I wielded the hand net, and very carefully paddled closer, finally letting the boat to glide slowly. I got close to the fish. Holding my breath I made a quick swoop with the hand net - and it was a catch! Three pikes with a single swoop - not bad.

This spring it has been the first time in my life when I actually get to try this method of fishing. Encouraged by the success, I wanted to gain more experience. So I went paddling up and down the bay. I spotted another group of fish splashing in the foliage and managed to navigate near them. It seemed that all of them were bigger than the ones in my previous catch. But they were also more alert, and made a quick escape before my hand net swooped into the water. It started to rain, but I went on. Again I spotted some movement in another place, and paddled closer. These fish darted away as soon as I grasped the hand-net.

Time to head back home, to smoke some pike.

a triple catch
a triple catch
pikes in the boat
pikes in the boat
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