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Visiting Sami

I asked my friends to help me by taking care of my animals while I am away. I spent couple of days visiting Sami - it takes about five hours of driving to get there.

This time we were mainly programming. Again, it felt refreshing, like falling back to teenage memories and inspiration. Sami was balancing UrW and working with a new feature, I was doing the ground-work for a new display mode & user interface. Learning new techinques, discussing the code with a friend, learning by doing, forgetting about everything else and just concentrating on the task at the hand - that's the way I like it!

I took some pictures on my way to Sami's place. There wasn't that much traffic, so it was rather easy driving.

Go East
go East
Highway 5
Highway 5
Smaller and smaller roads ...
smaller and smaller roads
After five hours of driving: destination reached.
Destination reached
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Nice and snowy :) For how long do you guys know each other?

I think we got to know each other at 1989 or 1990, when we were about 15 - 16 years old.

Wow. Also you live in a little house like Sami's? How is it living in a place so seemingly disconnected from cities, people etc etc?

It is great! With not so many people around it actually feels easier for me to be connected with the people. If my car needs fixing, I just call my neighbour. And when their horses need their hooves trimmed, they call me. And when a nearby miller needs software for his company, he calls me, and when I visit there I get leftover grain for my sheep. If my neighbours see a lynx crossing their yard, they also call me so I know take special care of my animals. All this kind of little things make life feel so rich and full. People of different ages, with different worldviews and lifestyles still maintain connections and help each other.
And of course it is nice to have a broad-band internet connection in the house =) It makes it easy to keep contact with the friends living in cities. And every now and then they come to visit my place, to enjoy countryside and to help with practical work. Or to eat, to have sauna and to dance, as in my place you can freely turn the volume up without having to bother about neighbours complaining about the noise.
Also, I enjoy being connected to nature. When I need something from a city, I can always visit there. I do that maybe once in eight weeks, so it is not that often. The only downside is that my daily life depends on driving a car. It is not so ecological, it costs a lot of money, and I don't like it that much. Ah, and it would be fanstastic to live in same area with Sami, so that it would be easy to visit each other more often.

Ahhh! You both sound like very amazing people! I'm very happy that you are able to pursue this kind of lifestyle and have been able to achieve a kind of connectedness with the people around you as well as to the land, and together as an ecological system :) I have been traveling for the past 4 or so years around America so that I feel rootless. I have family and friends back in Virginia where I'm from, but my land tie to the place of my rearing is not strong, as it is just a vast suburban sprawl with little to no biodiversity. I hesitate to say that it is disconnected form nature as I believe that a city is as 'natural' as a farmstead, or even the forest. Now is it -sustainable- or -connected- with the greater ecological system... most of the time no lol. Sorry for typing so much, I really appreciate what you both are doing, as well as those that support you to allow you to do these things :) So thank you for existing! XD

Heya! I also believe that in the metaphysical sense we humans are part of nature, so man-made cities are also a part of nature. And, most of all, human heart is nature - so no matter if you go nomadic, settle down in the coutryside or enjoy the urban citylife, if you stay connected to your own heart, then you'll also be in touch with nature =) Chabom says the heart, and it is the sound of mother nature speaking to us.


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