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Working for money

When I bought my house I was working as a miller. I quite like the place, it is a family-scale company, run by my neighbours. They desperately needed a worker, and I needed regular income to get a loan from a bank. In a week I learned the basics of the work, and soon I was able to operate the mill independently. My boss didn't care if I came to work at 8 am or 10 am - as long as I managed to produce all the flour and flakes what was needed per week. The mill is located about four kilometres away from my home, so usually went by bicycle. It was a regular work, they wished me to be their worker for years to come. But the work was noisy, dusty and exhausting. After one and a half year I grew tired and felt that I'm ready to move on. That I want to have a project of my own, to earn my living by such skills I feel are part of my personality. So I quit the work, bought a cheap car and resumed my massage business.

I drive to the customers, to give them massage at their homes. At the beginning I had to struggle with the money, as there wasn't that many customers. But I always hoped and believed that it will be OK. People like my massage, I like my work, so sure it will work out.

My father lives some 80 kilometres away from my place. He also owns a small, empty house where my uncle used to live. Once a month I visit there and set up my massage clinic in that small house. The place is quite nice, and the local people come there for massage.
My father brings coffee and bread, so that I can enjoy breakfast before the customers come. Today I had seven customers, which equals to a completely full day. When I got back at home it was already 11 pm. I found that indoors temperature at my home had fallen to +12°C. Oh well, I lit the fireplaces and went outdoors to feed the animals. I got on the black gelding, resting there for a while. I leant my chest on his back, letting my head hang down, hands on his chest. It felt comforting to be carried by a big, strong, peaceful animal.

The family whom runs the mill needed custom software for certain tasks, and I promised to do the programming for them. Every now and then they say that they need new features and new functionality, and I keep on adding them. They pay for my programming, which I find very nice. One day I recalled that as a teenager I was dreaming about being an indie programmer. Sure, why not. Half wrapped in a blanket, at one o'clock am. Still I enjoy this freedom, being able to do many kinds of things.

I like my main work as a massage therapist. Still I feel that it would be great to spend bit more time being an indie game developer - but that would require me to spend less time doing the massage. Sometimes I've been thinking about setting up an IndieGoGo or KickStarter project about a new indie game, to raise some funds beforehand. Wouldn't it be nice to have a small budget on which to spend a lot of time concentrating on creating a game of my own? No, it won't =) I really don't like dead-lines and pre-defined projects. I like to do my work wihtout too strict plans and with loose timetables. And only sell my work when it is ready, not before.

And it took some time to write this blog, as I was experimenting with different ways of floating images with the text. Click on images to see them in bigger size.

It is 3 am, the indoor temperature is 21°C - I love my fireplaces. And I guess it is time to go get some sleep.

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It wouldn't be a bad idea to think about IndieGoGo or KickStarter, but I do understand not wanting a time constraint, do you -have- to put a time constraint on it? Couldn't you do something where the little extra things you offer could be... I dunno something that's not necessarily game related? For example http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ithaka-of-the-clouds?c=activity a couple of indie game designers that I really have fallen in love with along with their composer have an IndieGoGo right now and they have a pretty neat little listing of what you get and whatnot involved with the funding. Check out what their doing and consult each other! :) Cheers!

Thanks for the link =) I have a feeling that during this year I'll re-arrange my work so that I'll do less massage and more programming. Let's see.

It's like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) but it's CSC (Community Supported Creativity):)


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