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UnReal World Mobile Controller

An anrdoid app which allows you to use virtual buttons on touch screen to control UnReal World running on your computer. It is an alternative to the physical keyboard when you've having hard time learning to remember all the keyboard commands. The Mobile Controller has a built-in tutorial which covers both the app usage and the basics of UnReal World gameplay. Mobile Controller requires UnReal World version 3.62 or newer.

A basic demonstration video by Vaakalintu Ltd

The Mobile Controller app comes in two versions. The free vesion shows you ads. The Full version doesn't have ads, and allows you to create and to use customized layouts for virtual buttons. Customization requires editing an XML-file, which is just a formatted text file. You can arrange buttons to better suit your personal play-style, you can customize button sizes, texts, colors, images and background. You can modify buttons to send a chain of keyboard commands, effectively creating simple macros for repeated tasks. Both versions ship with two built-in layouts; a simple Plain Layout and a decorated Graphical Layout.

At the moment UnReal World Mobile Controller app is available for Android phones and tablets. Based on demand we might consider iPhone version later on, so feel free to send feedback!

The Free Version
Get it on Google Play
The Full Version
Get it on Google Play
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An atmospheric demonstration video by Vaakalintu Ltd

Designed by Vaakalintu Ltd and Enormous Elk
Programmed by Erkka Lehmus of Enormous Elk
Released at 23rd of March 2020