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11th of November 2017

11th of November 2017
Writing a few more dialogue lines for an interactive story 'Lakeside Quest'
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OK, so we have a new version of Tarupaja browser-based interactive story reader. You can try it here. It might still be buggy as I didn't have that much time to test it thoroughly.

A few changes and additions to mention:

  • The person writing a story can now adjust font and colours per story.
  • There is now a very simple save / load -functionality. When you save a game, you get a five-letter keycode. Later on you can resume your story by entering that keycode. I know, it is a bit clumsy system, I will make it more user-friendly later on.
  • Delivering items is now integrated with the talk menu - if you are carrying an item and you want to deliver it to a NPC, just talk to that NPC and a relevant dialogue option should appear (if not, it just means that the NPC isn't interested in that item).
  • The engine now handles randomization. For example, the person writing a story can define pieces of texts which get randomly displayed or not in the place descriptions (pay attention when revisiting a place you have already been to - there might be little changes in the text!). Items and NPCs can also be given a list of possible locations, so that the location is randomly chosen when starting a story.

Things like that. If you encounter bugs, you can report them here in this comment thread =)

The story editor still needs a little polishing before I'm ready to publish it. Once I get that done I'll write a separate blog entry and finally open up a menu button for Tarupaja in the site main navigation bar. Might take several weeks to do that, as I'm also busy with other things.

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