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13th of July 2017

13th of July 2017
Today I continued with the house renovation project. And did some coding. As we are approaching mid-July, the nights aren't all white any more. What a good reason to enjoy a small camp-fire (and to finish that carton of white wine).
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Can't beat a good evening camp fire, I haven't been out camping in so long, this picture makes me miss the atmosphere of being around a fire, truly invokes a sense of tribal feeling with stories told and laughter had!

I hope you're keeping well my friend, this years Picture a day is awesome to follow :D

Thanks for following. And hope you get to spend a night by a camp-fire sometime soon!

Now the sunlight is out for longer I think I'll be getting out a little more on the weekends, I've been reading and watching a lot of stuff on Primitive Pottery, really inspired me to go out and hunt for some natural clay to process and practice with, I can fire it in a nice camp fire over night then :D

Sounds interesting! Good luck when you get to experiment with natural clay pottery!

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