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19th of July 2017

19th of July 2017
On my way to friends' party on an island in Helsinki. The archipelago of Helsinki was mostly unknown for me. There is a passenger boat line starting from Hakaniemi, stopping at various islands. I really enjoyed the voyage, next time I'd like to stay aboard for the whole route, just cruising and enjoying the scenery.
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In the background we see a passenger ferry - I'd guess it is en route to Stockholm, Sweden. Even tough the Baltic Sea isn't that vast, it still has this magical charm of the sea; a salty feeling in the sea wind, and the call of the distant shores - pass through the straits of Denmark and from there on you could sail all the oceans of the world.

(In a way, The Earth should actually be called The Ocean, as continents are just islands embraced by the waters of the world. Oh well, what I mean is this adventurous sense of 'no limits' - that theoretically speaking one could sail anywhere, reach any shore of the world.)

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