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1st of July 2017

1st of July 2017
Saturday I worked full day with my house renovation project. At sunset time (around 11pm) I walked to the lake and went rowing to the nearby islet. I set up a camp-fire to grill food. For the night I had a hammock, a sleeping bag and a blanket. I used the blanket to cover my face, to stay protected from mosquitoes - and also it is dark under the blanket which makes it easier to fall asleep.
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I wanna try one of those hammocks that come with mosquito net included. The ones I've googled so far are either too each or too expensive (250$ for a hammock??)

Mine is of brand "TicketToTheMoon". I haven't googled it but I'd guess it is a rather popular brand, and they also supply mosquito nets and tarps for a rain cover. I have no idea what this hammock cost, as I got it as a present from my mother (who, in turn, bought it from a discount sale).

Before I had the hammock for one-night mini-camping trips I just slept on the ground. Or used a tent in warm season when there is a lot of mosquitoes. But now as I have a hammock I've learned to like it; no need to look for a soft even spot on the ground, very light to carry around, quick to set up, and with primitive mosquito protection it is about as comfortable as a tent is.

I have a couple hammocks. One is lightweight for camping & festivals, which is also Ticket to the Moon, have purchased it in Hungary, I think it was around 70 euros. Another hammock is "heavy duty" for outdoor weekends with kids. It's home made from jeans cloth and can withstand child abuse :) Those days I consider doing a week long trail and want to invest in a good hammock with mosquito net. Will let you know upon finding a good one.

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