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20th of July 2017

20th of July 2017
On the island, the morning after friends' party. I climbed a nearby hill, called 'The Viking Cliff'. There is a structure built of natural stones, but I don't know if it dates back to Viking era. Anyhow, this spot is a good place to watch over all the vessels faring the sea. Actually, this island itself is named Vartiosaari, which would translate as 'the watch island' in the sense of watch tower.
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The view was almost magical, as the overcast sky and the calm sea were the exact same shade of light blue, so you couldn't say exactly where the horizon is. Those distant islands appeared as gently floating in the air.

And, yes, taking the boat tour in the archipelago of Helsinki is definitely something I'd recommend to anyone visiting Helsinki in summer. If you have time, you can stop by the islands to explore, or just stay on the boat and watch the coastal face of Helsinki - a very different view compared to that what you see strolling the streets to see the typical sightseeing attractions like monuments and notable buildings.

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