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2nd of July 2017

2nd of July 2017
Cooking morning coffee at the islet.
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The best kind of coffee!

Indeed! I'm happy that the local lake water is okay to drink - especially if boiled.

After taking that picture I made myself a mug of coffee, went for a quick refreshing morning swim, and then came back to squat next to the fire drinking the coffee. A nice way to wake up =)

I wish my local lake was safe to swim in, they have warning signs against swimming due to Algae or something like that, cant even let dogs swim in there :(

Too bad!

As far as I can remember, Cyanobacteria has been a slowly growing problem in Finland, too. Some thirty years ago I remember that there started to appear warnings for not to let cattle drink from some small shallow lakes as they had algae toxins. Since then bigger and bigger lakes have been suffering from high levels of cyanobacteria, especially if it is a hot summer and a long period with mild winds.

In my local lake there often is a little of cyanobacteria towards the end of summer if it has been warm. But now June wasn't that hot, and there have been storm winds mixing the top- and bottom layers of the lake water, so no blooming algae yet. Also, in some areas the situation has been becoming better, due to stricter environmental regulations.

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