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14th of July 2019

14th of July 2019
Firewood, more firewood.
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Hey Erkka! I hope you've been well! I've been trying to take a break from the internet for a while, so I haven't really been following your blog as closely as I used to. :(

Anyway, I recently found this band that reminded me of you and Sami's musical work. I thought you might like it, if you haven't heard it already. Though they seem to kind of mix together Scandinavian and Celtic stuff, but I guess that is ok. :D


Enjoy! Good luck with your wood splitting!

Hello! Nice to hear from you! (And absolutely no problem; I haven't been updating the blog as regularly as I used to do. But I wish to keep it alive, so occasional blog posts are going to follow, and hopefully with a bit more regular interval from the next autumn on. Anyway, my posts are seldom anything urgent or time-sensitive, so it is perfectly fine to skip them for a a while, or to browse old posts when one happens to feel like that.)

Ah, Heilung! A few friends have mentioned the band, and my son likes them, too! Yet, I haven't been listening that much to their music, but everything I've heard has sounded good and inpsiring, so I'm probably going to listen more. And thanks for the link.

I hope life is good at your farm!

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