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21st of October 2019

21st of October 2019
The LAN infrastructure at the mill is up and running! They have two buildings; the office and the actual mill. LAN from the office has been trasmitted to the mill building by an outdoor WLAN AP and client (the client is connected to a router, thus extending the LAN inside the mill building). For some reason the LAN was down in the mill building. Well, and I'm not an expert, so I had to google and to read a lot to better understand how the configuration is supposed to work. Stuff like DHCP leases, default gateways, subnet masks and the like - look, I'm just a coder, and I've been happy that I can just connect to the internet without needing to understand the details of the magic which makes the connection work. So, fixing the net infrastructure at the mill was a good learning opportunity for me, as I had to check all the settings one by one, device by device. And, in case you are curious; it wasn't the settings, it was a cable failure =) But it took me nearly twenty hours of work to get the problem narrowed down so that it occured to me to double-check the right cable. Ah, and in the picture I'm adjusting the AP at the corner of the office building, making sure that it is optimally positioned to get maximum signal transmitted to the receiver at the mill building.
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