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24th of October 2019

24th of October 2019
This week I've spent most of my free time working on a little Android project. I'm rather new to Java and Android development, and apparently there is a lot to learn. I've been struggling to get a rather simple task to work the way I would like it to work, but stubbornly the code has been doing something else. A classical case of 'zen and the art of computer programming' - in my mind I have an idea what the code is supposed to do, but my idea doesn't match the way the computer understands my code. Since I can't blame the computer I need to adjust my own ideas. Which, in this case, meant hours spent running through the code line by line, trying to better understand what actually happens. And a lot of googling and reading posts at Stack Overflow. Sometimes I felt I'm in a dead end, and sometimes I just spammed random copy&paste using good old 'trial and error' to see how things change. Today it was a rather long day at work (left home at 10am, returnerd back around 9pm), and after work I went on working with the code. And finally it dawned on me, I understood my error, and after a little more learning the fix became clear. Around midnight the code finally works the way I intended it to work. Success!
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