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26th of November 2019

26th of November 2019
We have had a long-term problem with Raiku's hing legs. At first she launched a fierce kick when anyone tried to approach her legs. Over the years she slowly calmed down a bit, but I was still afraid to lower my head near her hind legs. The thing is; whenever Raiku feels uneasy or nervous, I should be the one who breathes calmy, so that my natural bodylanguage would signal that there is no reason to be afraid. But the mere idea of taking my head too close to Raiku's hind legs has felt like a real reason for panic. So I've been working with my own fears, and slowly, step by step finding more peace so that I can relax, and kneel down to pet Raiku's legs.
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Very good job. Gaining trust of animal it's like making a little steps. Hope Raiku will trust you :)

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