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16th of July 2021

16th of July 2021
Almost two years ago I bought a smartphone, my first one. It has been otherwise good, but the usb connector has been growing more and more unstable, so that charging the battery works only sometimes. I decided to have it fixed, thinking that this should be covered by the 24 months guarantee. Today I drove 100 km to Tampere to a repair shop, and they said that in 90% of this kind of cases the problem is remedied by just cleaning the connector. They tried that, with no luck. Then it turned out that they can't replace the connector at the shop, but the phone should be shipped to manufacturer's central repair service, and that it is pretty unclear if the manufacturer would consider it covered by guarantee, or if they'd think that usb connector malfunction is because of improper use at my side, or something. All in all, the whole process would take two weeks, and possibly cost me 100 euros. I decided not to try it, but to allow myself some more time to ponder alternatives. So, after all this I found myself wandering around Tampere somewhat aimlessly, with no strict timetable. In my unhurried mood I randomly decided to stop to listen to a street musician.
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