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18th of October 2021

18th of October 2021
Today's story is a car story. My old Volvo had a heap of smaller and bigger problems, and to fix them would've cost a lot of money. So, with a little help from friends and family members I managed to buy a 2003 Seat, which was in good condition. After one month of driving without any problems the new car started to show irregular problems. Sometimes it just didn't start, didn't even try to. And other times it started just fine. So I was thinking that this might be some hard-to-diagnose obscure problem with the electric system, it is probably going to take a lot of hours just to find the issue, and to fix it will need a few hundred euros for replacement parts. Living on hand-to-mouth budget I just chose to ignore the problem, day after another. Push start is always a good option in this kind of situations, I think =) Well, but today I finally took the car to the neighbour who is a master with restoring 60's and 70's cars, prepared to leave the car there for a week or so. But before I left, the neighbour asked for help; if I turn the car key while he measures if the start motor gets electric current. When we started to do that, he immediately noticed that one of the wires was almost cut, and broke when he gently touched it. Well, he installed a new connector to the wire, re-plugged it and I turned the key; the engine started smoothly. And that was it. Ten minutes to get the problem fixed, one cheap spare part which probably costs 0.10 euros or something.
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