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19th of December 2021

19th of December 2021
I've been working on a tool which generates 2D tiles from 3D models. Now testing with a freshly generated 64x64 pixel tiles.
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Do you make all of the pixel art and sprites for the game as well? There's a great sprite and pixel editor called Aseprite that I really enjoy using. They have the binary files available on GitHub for you to compile yourself if you're so inclined. You can find instructions here.

Looking forward to playing Ancient Savo!

Aseprite sounds interesting, thanks for the tip! So far I've used GIMP for all the simple pixel graphics. But it remains to be seen how much actual pixel graphics we are going to need for Ancient Savo (and who is going to draw them). The human shapes seen in the picture are "digitally hand-drawn" by one of my friends. I don't know what software was used, but for the actual drawing the tool was something like a usb drawing tablet.

Hello cat!

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