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1st of December 2021

1st of December 2021
Last winter I had fences around young fruit trees. But eventually the snow got so thick that hares could easily just hop over the fences to chew branches of the trees. Well, for this winter I'll have fences 3 metres tall =)
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After a couple of years you will have evolved a hare population that can jump over three-meter fences!

May be some lite lever trap will solve this problem))

A lever trap doesn't differentiate - it will insta kill a hare, or one of my cats, or some of the neighbours' cats... But, yes - at some point I was half-seriously thinking about some kind of structure which is easy to enter, but not so easy to find a way out. Something which would trap animals unharmed, so that each morning I could check if there is a hare, or a cat, inside. Maybe I'll start constructing that kind of structures if the mainstream society (or the food supply chain) collapses...

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