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22nd of August 2021

22nd of August 2021
Listening to radio.
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Alava vaara by Malady is one of the interesting songs I heard on radio earlier today, in a program by Pekka Laine. At the moment it is "Veli Kauppinen Uuden Äärellä", where Veli Kauppinen presents fresh new music, ranging from Finnish indie to big international releases.

EDIT: Hehe, and right after I had posted this comment Veli Kauppinen announced the next piece to be played in his program; "it is seven minutes long, it must be prog then!". Yes, it is "Alava vaara", so apparently I'm not the only one who feels that this song is worth sharing =)

I can't even remember the last time I listened to the radio by my own decision. Maybe I should! My life has been pretty hectic this year and I do long for the mood this photo conveys.

YLE Radio Suomi has become a part of my Sunday routine, for they air a bunch of good music programmes; Pekka Laineen Ihmemaa, Laiskanlinna, Radio Sami Yaffa - and the often magical "Kissankehto" by Susanna Vainiola. For some reason I like to listen them live on radio - some other programs I might sometimes pick from Yle Areena.

Compared to the boring and repetitive playlists of the commercial channels I think YLE is doing pretty good job playing a wide range of music, from "Bluesministeriö" to "Sydänjuurilla". Or programs like "Klassikkokäräjät" and "Timantteja ja ruostetta".

EDIT: Ah, my Sunday routine - I mean, most of the time I might just let all the dishes pile up for the week, and then do the week's dishes on Sunday, while listening to Pekka Laineen Ihmemaa. Today I was also threshing broad beans while listening to Sami Yaffa. And now it was also their "lekaa otsaan" series (they play live recordings from old YLE archives), when I was wrapping up Ancient Savo for this week's release. I mean, to some degree I plan my weekly and daily schedules so that I can listen to my favorite programs.

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