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24th of August 2021

24th of August 2021
Today I felt like trying a tiny little version of slash-and-burn agriculture. Or, to be precise - I wanted to do this already in late June, but at that time it was a long period of warm and dry weather so that a risk of wildfires was high. And I definitely don't want to start a wildfire. The original plan was to do this together with Sami. But today I just realized that the weather is optimal so instead of arranging time-tables with Sami I just decided to start alone, right away. Working alone it felt wiser to scale down my plans. The patch to be burned needed to be small enough so that I can contain the fire, constantly making sure it doesn't spread.
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Sounds like a topic for a future blog post! ;)

Hehe, yes. Once again I've felt bit lost in the ocean of "several blog-post topics floating around in my mind, but me not finding a moment to write". For me writing a blog post might take two or sometimes four hours, and this year - most of the time - I've felt that coding Ancient Savo gets highest priority of my computer time. But, I hope that there will be a day of updating the blog, sooner instead of later.

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