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27th of May 2021

27th of May 2021
Visiting the village centre. Or, to be precise, it is twin centres located 7km apart. "My side" is Vilppula, an old countryside village, and this picture is from the "other side", called Mänttä - a more tightly-packed industrial community which has grown around a local factory, and has been on the decline since the factory is no more employing as it used to do. And the same goes for the Vilppula side, for agriculture and related occupations provide income for a lot fewer people than they did in the old days. I find some unique charm in this kind of villages, which at the same time are slowly dying, but refusing to die. For example, this quiet and worn-out centre of Mänttä also hosts a world-class art museum which attracts a more or less steady stream of visitors. (I hope to post pictures from the art museum later on this summer, for they have a Banksy exhibition there)
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