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29th of May 2021

29th of May 2021
It is funny how the human mind works. Yesterday in the morning it felt rather hard to focus on coding, and I had to spend several hours napping and doing some meditation to ease the inner trauma energies. But then, slowly, I felt the logic circuits in my brain powering up, and coding started to feel easy. So I happily went on coding until heating up the garden bathtub. After two hours of hot bath and red wine I went to bed at 11pm. And this morning I woke up around 5.30 am, feeling all right. After a good doze of strong black coffee I started coding at 8 am, feeling fully immersed in the work. Having only short breaks I've been coding all day, and everything else feels like fading into the distant background, as the focus of my attention is at the coding project. At the moment of posting this it is 7 pm, I think I'll code for a few hours more and then heat up the bath again. And this is the life I've been dreaming of since my teenage years; being only minimally restricted by any ready-made schedules, enjoying the freedom to follow the inner ebb and flow of the focus, brain energy and inspiration.
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