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4th of October 2021

4th of October 2021
Today I had a full day of work. When I returned home it was already dark. The weather forecast said that later on in the night it will start raining, so I felt like continuing to install the asphalt roll roofing while the roof was still dry.
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Bug report: for some reason, this daily page is missing the link to the next picture.

Ah, thanks for mentioning! This sometimes happens when posting a picture for yesterday. The "next" and "previous" links operate based on "published at date"-field of the pictures. And if not manually corrected, that field automatically gets the current date and time when posting a picture. It seems that I failed in manually correcting the date; I had two pictures published at 6th of October, but no picture for 5th. So, the picture at 4th of October didn't find a picture for "my date+1 day". OK, but this should be corrected now, I updated the internal date field of 5th of October picture.

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