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11th of November 2022

11th of November 2022
Mariska, together with her band mate, playing a small acoustic gig at a local record store. They said that they also wanted to organize a similar event at the capital city Helsinki, but somehow it just didn't go forward, but people at Tampere had a totally different attitude, and everything was smooth, nice and enjoyable. There was a few dozen people listening, so it felt almost like a home concert. Later on the same day they played a full-blown gig at one of the major venues of Tampere. That was great as well, but for today's picture I chose this one.
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The acoustic set had three songs, one of them was Terveisin Doris which is kind of a reply to Finnish classic by J. Karjalainen Doris. The original piece by J. Karjalainen tells a story of a traveling man who picks a lady at a bar, just for one night - but then deeply falls in love, just to discover that the lady turns out to be free-roaming traveler herself, leaving the man feeling lonely, just missing Doris. So, Mariska's song is kind of the same story, now just having Doris as the main character.

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