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12th of December 2022

12th of December 2022
My lucky day! The background story might be scattered among a few blog posts and daily picture descriptions, so I try to gather it all here; Some 15 or 20 years ago the Swedish army sold a lot of their storage of non-lethal equipment, and in many Finnish shops you could buy boots, skis and stuff for a very cheap price. At those times I bought myself a pair of Swedish army skis, suitable for going anywhere in untouched snow. (Compare this to modern glass-fiber skis, which are good for ready-made tracks but a a real pain in deep untouched snow). I've greatly enjoyed that pair of skis, and the fact that they have that old-school binding type which suits almost any type of boots (again, compare that to modern skis, which have bindings of type A1, A2, B, C1, C2, C3 and so on, and then you have to be careful to have boots which match exactly the binding type). But the downside was that the vintage ski bindings had leather straps dating back to 1960's or 1970's, and eventually some of them just broke down. But luckily enough one of my neighbours had modern replacement parts which I bought. But towards the end of the previous winter one of the old leather straps broke down - and either I've already used all the modern replacement I have, or then I just couldn't find them, for my storage system is slightly chaotic. OK, to put is short; I have a pair of skis which I like, but at the moment they are practically dysfunctional for the straps miss one little piece. And, today I had time to visit the shop where I once bought that pair of skis from. I scanned through the entire store but couldn't find skis. I asked the staff, and they guided me back to a place which I had already visited, so I went there and just took a more careful look. Indeed - none of the Swedish army skis were there, but in the corner of one shelf there was a plastic box with a heap on vintage leather straps - exactly the replacement part I was looking for! I bought a handful of them, leaving some if anyone else happens to be in need of those. I believe these straps will keep me cross-country skiing with vintage military skis for decades to come.
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