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24th of December 2022

24th of December 2022
Looks promising! I probably need to do some more testing, but at least it starts, the music plays and all the basic functions seem to work fine. So, yesterday around midnight I spent a few hours studying if there is a way to run Java8 on iMac and OSX 10.7.5 but the best I could find was some info on how possibly maybe compile Java7 from sources. Well, today while drinking morning coffee I decided to try make Ancient Savo run on Java6. Ancient Savo depends on libGDX, and the latest version requires at least Java7, preferably 8. OK, well, but earlier development versions of Ancient Savo had, well - earlier versions of libGDX which are fine with Java 6. So I made a test version, compiled it on Linux and ran on OSX. I don't know if there would be anyone wanting to play on an old mac, but at least this process was a good opportunity for me to learn more about Java and Mac OS versions.
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