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6th of December 2022

6th of December 2022
There they are, firewood for the winter 2023 - 2024.
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As a home owner now, being aware of how much work this is worth, it's really pleasant to look at :) Congratz on breaking through a procrastinate-depress wall, I know how hard it is...

Cheers! Yes, this is a heartwarming sight now, and the next winter it will be hearth warming.

Well, I know it would be good to soon start preparing for winters to come after that - felling trees and piling them up on my yard, so that in the Spring I could just process that heap to firewood, ie. not needing to wander around nearby woods gathering materials at that time. One of my neighbours said that I can harvest some birches which grow right next to my yard, as the batch of birches is anyway too thick, so if I remove some the remaining have more space to grow. That sounds good - they are so close that I can just carry timber on my shoulder. So, let's see how it goes =)

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