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18th of March 2024

18th of March 2024
All of my essential data is backed up on remote private server(s), so a hardware failure should not hinder the indie development. But the problem was that the laptop doesn't have a display port, only usb-c thunderbolt. And I find it easier to develop on a bigger monitor instead of the smallish laptop screen. Also, I wanted to access some of the non-critical files which are on the desktop hdd. So, I drove the the village center (the bigger one, there are two of them located some 7 km apart). Luckily, there is a computer store there. I bought an adapter to connect a monitor to the thunderbolt usb-c. And two adapters to connect a ssd hard-drive to an usb port. So now I have full access to my files, and everything running on the laptop, enjoying the dual screen configuration. (The another ssd - usb adapter is currently unused. That is intended for connecting another ssd to a raspberry pi, so that it could act as a local file share server, making it easier to transfer big files from linux to mac and back)
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