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26th of April 2024

26th of April 2024
The bucket of sauerkraut. About 17 liters of it.
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What would you make with that? I've had sauerkraut plenty but I'm curious how you might use it in Finnish cuisine.

I don't know of any other use than just to eat it. Of course there'd be various ways to combine it with other foods - sauerkraut on top of a sandwich, or together with a warm dish. Well, at the moment I'm pretty low on money, so I try to minimize buying food from the supermarket. And I still have a good supply of potatoes from the last harvest, so looks like my main diet will consist of potatoes (steamed or fried) and sauerkraut until either of them runs out of their shelf life =)

Last autumn my neighbour happened to get a big load of excess cabbage, and to preserve it they made as much of sauerkraut as they could. So now there is plenty of it. I'd love to grow cabbage of my own, but haven't yet learnt the best ways of doing it; every time I try, the pests eat the saplings before they get to grow stronger. And for this growing season it looks like indie coding is going to take a lot of my time and attention, so with my gardening I will go with scaled down minimal effort approach.

In Hungary we heat up some fat in a pot, throw in the onions, a bit later the meat, brown them, add salt and pepper, throw in a few tablespoons of sweet paprika powder, and only a few seconds later we add water to prevent the paprika from getting burnt. To this meat stew base (pörkölt) is the sour cabbage added and cooked together.
Optional but common ingredients include cumin, hot paprika, sausage pieces, etc. Then served with sour cream and/or bread.

It's called székelykáposzta but it's better known abroad in its German name "Szegediner Gulasch". Using oil or butter to brown the onions and the meat on is heresy but sometimes only oil may be available, so "necessity trumps the rules".

I'm not sure if paprika is available for reasonable price in your parts or if it can be replaced with some powdery seasoning that turns into a "sauce" when cooked with the other stuff. I was told the meat stew used to be seasoned with pepper before paprika was discovered, well, 2 tablespoons of pepper for 500g of meat would get too spicy for my taste.

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